Flexible Model

Access is searching for the best technology and the best teams who want to make it to the next stage. We work with teams to leverage our market expertise, ecosystem partners and networks.  


Investment Development

Access supports partners and customers with unique market demands. We help build out your investment thesis and prepare options for investments that meet your short, medium and long-term goals.


The Thesis

leading technology

We are technical business people looking to work with technical teams. We focus on deeply understanding how a technology is different in a world where subtly matters. 

Next step management

Great management is an enabler. Bad management can ruin even the best technologies and offerings. We have deep experience running all types of organizations. 


Very few technologies, offerings, or even products operate without a surrounding set of players. Often over looked are options to integrate a superior offering with others to form a more effective solution to a market challenge.



Almost every company operates in an ecosystem of customers, suppliers, integrators, financiers and any number of stakeholders. We focus on a deep understanding of these ecosystems to provide a defined advantage.

capital starvation

Everyone has watched venture funding flood the market. However, there are still major inefficiencies in various categories and technology verticals. We are working to address these gaps.

business infrastructure

We want to help make great technology companies by enabling them to focus on what they should be best at:  building an amazing product. We have built a network of providers who can cover all the administrivia to let you focus.